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Classes in Kent

Have you been told ‘you ought to blog’? Have your friends had more hits to their websites as a result of blogging? Or would you like to stretch your creative wings?

Find out why blogging works…

Blogging helps your company rise in the Google rankings. And a good blog can turn you into a ‘key influencer’ – or help you get a book deal, more sponsors or a better relationship with your customers…

And why, sometimes, it doesn’t….

But too many blogs are abandoned because their writers don’t know how to make them effective. Or maybe you think that you’re ‘not tekkie enough’ to blog? Or you’re too busy? Very often the most reluctant bloggers are the ones who start the following morning after one of our workshops – because they’ve seen that blogging can be fun, easy and can take you places you really want to go. Done properly, blogging can really help your business – or your hobby.

Ask the questions you really want answered…

My blogging workshops are limited to 6 people. We work on your ideas for a blog, how to position and write your blog, plus easy tricks to save time and effort. These Kent workshops are held in the informal atmosphere of a private home in Faversham.

How to blog workshop in Kent

Small groups around a kitchen table – focusing on your blog. Photo: Warren Allott

How to Write a Great Blog:

 Find out why blogging works, how to focus your blog, how to think up good ideas for blog posts, essential rules for writing posts, choosing effective headlines, tips for good writing, guest blogging, and what you need to know to get your blog out there.

The next blogging workshop in Faversham is Tuesday 9th September 6.30-8.30pm.

I was a dinosaur about all this until I came to one of Alexandra’s classes, but I came away inspired. It was brilliant.’Sue Peart, Editor, You Magazine (The Mail On Sunday).


‘Alexandra’s course was authoritative and she has a brilliantly clear, dynamic style of teaching… I picked up some useful tips which I now use regularly.’ Kylie O’Brien, The Daily Telegraph