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How to write a press release (and Press Strategy)

I have probably received around 100,000 press releases during my 25+ years as a journalist. So I know what the press are looking for. And journalists today receive 200-500 emails each day. So how do you make your press release stand out?

Writing a good press release is about knowing the tricks. What do journalists want to know? How do they like to receive press releases? How do you target your press strategy? Some tips are simple: for example, you should never send a press release as a pdf, because you can’t copy and paste from it. Other aspects require more practice – such as ‘how do you identify a good story?’

One two-hour workshop on ‘How to Write a Press Release’ will make a lasting difference to your press coverage. And if you employ a PR company, you will be able to work more effectively with them.


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‘After we did Alexandra’s workshop, more of our press releases were picked up by the press, and more of our words were used in the stories that appeared. If you follow Alexandra’s advice, it really works!’ Nathalie Banaigs, Kent Creative Live, Kent Photo Academy and Whitstable 365.

‘I got two of my press releases into the press in the month after attending Alexandra’s workshop, so the class was very worthwhile.’ Julie Davies, Julie Davies Flower Workshops.